A few facts about me:

I hail from the sunny land of Los Angeles- Koreatown to be exact.

I’m a feminine fashion lover. Putting together chic outfits is my idea of a fun time. 

I’m the host of A Better Way to Say, a podcast on magnetic communication. 

Celeste Renee host of A Better Way to Say podcast

Why I Started The Elegance Edit

I’ve always been enamored with fashion and have been experimenting with mine ever since I left behind the plaid skirts and penny loafers of my private school days (an easy goodbye, naturally).

After a while, I ran into a problem you’re likely all too familiar with – lots of clothing but “nothing to wear”. Then, I embraced the capsule wardrobe. And I’m sharing my lessons and style tips with you.

Browse the blog for streamlined wardrobes, chic outfit ideas, and style lessons that make looking polished a breeze. 

The Podcast

But the challenges didn’t stop at the closet. I found that communicating effectively, with the same confidence I exuded through my style, was equally crucial.

It’s not just about what you wear; it’s also about how you express yourself verbally. That’s where my podcast, A Better Way to Say, comes in. I delve into the world of captivating communication, providing insights and tips to help you express yourself with confidence. 

woman in silk dress and blazer

Elevate Your Style & Speech

I have many interests. If you thumbed through my bookshelf or browsed my podcast history, you’d see philosophy, fashion, politics, and wellness among other topics that hold my attention.

And I used to feel like I had to choose. I need to pick something and focus on that. Pick a lane, as they say. And stay in it, as they say even more adamantly.

But I’m not one-dimensional. Like you, an entire web of thoughts and interests populate my mind. And at the center of them is a desire to learn more and to improve myself. I feel an enduring desire to be better. I’m reaching for an ideal. And so are you.

That’s why I created this space. I hope that the style and speech lessons you learn here will help bring you closer to it.

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Learn how to build a polished capsule wardrobe and dress for a range of occasions. Let’s create your dream capsule wardrobe so you look chic daily.


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