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15 Must-Know Brands Like Lululemon, Sorted by Price Point

Finding brands like Lululemon just got easier. This curated list includes options at a range of price points including sustainable and size-inclusive brands.

Your dream activewear awaits.

sunny day athletic casual outfit

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Affordable  Mid-Range  High-End 
Old Navy Vuori Alo Yoga
Zella Athleta Carbon38
Fabletics Outdoor Voices Varley
Aerie Sweaty Betty Splits 59
Amazon Girlfriend Collective Sporty & Rich

How I selected these brands

Customer Reviews

I took to YouTube, blogs, and the ever-candid Reddit forums to learn what brands people find similar to Lululemon. There were many hot takes to sift through. Certain brands didn’t make the cut. But others satisfied lots of shoppers and earned a spot below. 


I organized this list to display brands at a range of prices from the budget-friendly leggings at Aerie to the ultra-chic options at Carbon38. Whether you want to invest in high-end pieces or find a wallet-friendly Lulu alternative, there’s something below for you.  

Personal Experience

Lastly, I considered my own closet. I’m no stranger to an athleisure wardrobe. So I included brands on this list that I wear often (Fabletics and Varley, to name a few) and have lasted me through multiple seasons.

Affordable Brands Like Lululemon

If you want Lululemon but cheaper, explore these five brands. 

Old Navy

Old Navy Athletic wear

Back in college, a friend of mine used to sport Old Navy leggings and sports bras at the gym. And that’s when I learned the brand offers quality activewear that lasts (Reddit users agree!).

Whether you’re hitting the gym or need to pad your athleisure wardrobe, Old Navy delivers comfortable and size-inclusive athletic wear that won’t drain your bank account. 


Zella activewear collection for men women and kids

Yes, Nordstrom carries lots of athletic brands. But their exclusive Zella line is both stylish and performance-minded, making it a budget-friendly alternative to Lululemon.

Find bras, leggings, sweats, and shirts in chic neutrals and vibrant hues at Zella.


Fabletics brands like Lululemon

I can’t mention brands like Lululemon without Fabletics, the subscription service that brings personalized activewear to your doorstep.

I’ve been a Fabletics member for over 4 years, thanks to the quality of their activewear combined with the fresh styles they offer.


Aerie activewear collection

Aerie, known for its body-positive approach, extends its charm to activewear. Some women swear that OFFLINE leggings are a dupe for the ever-adored Lululemon Aligns. At a fraction of the price, it’s worth exploring.  


CRZ Yoga Lululemon dupe

If you want a Lulu feel but not the price, check out Amazon. CRZ Yoga is the brand that consistently pops up on Lululemon dupes lists.

Browse a range of reviewer-approved activewear pieces from their Naked Leggings to their Butterluxe shirts. 

Mid-Range Brands Like Lululemon 

Browse mid-range athletic brands below. I sprinkled some sustainable Lululemon alternatives here too. 


Vuori activewear for men and women

Founded by former college athlete Joe Kudla, Vuori is a men’s and women’s fitness brand that has skyrocketed in popularity.

If you value pieces that effortlessly transition from workouts to daily activities, you’ll enjoy  Vuori.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective sustainable activewear alternative to Lululemon

If you saw my sustainable capsule wardrobe, you noticed Girlfriend Collective made an appearance. The brand has cool, eco-conscious girl energy.

Before you ask, yes, they are size-inclusive and shoppers report that the brand is on par with Lulu when it comes to quality.


Athleta womens activewear

Whether you’re tackling a challenging workout or embracing an athleisure look, you can rely on Athleta to deliver both style and function.

It is worth checking out on your hunt for stores like Lululemon. 

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices men and womens activewear

Outdoor Voices is a breath of fresh air for those seeking a playful approach to activewear.

It’s earned devoted fans thanks to its comfortable pieces and trendy silhouettes. 

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty homepage featuring leggings, sports bras, and tops

Sweaty Betty seamlessly combines fashion-forward design with technical excellence, making it similar to Lululemon.

The British brand offers a decent size range, with the Power Gym leggings coming highly recommended by plus-size shoppers. 

High-End Brands Like Lululemon 

From top-tier activewear to luxe athleisure, these premium brands will level up your wardrobe. 

Alo Yoga

Alo yoga leggings and loungewear

If it isn’t every It Girl’s favorite activewear brand. Alo has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of yogi culture and cultivated an impressive Instagram following along the way.

If you’re after effortless athleisure pieces, check Alo out. 


Carbon38 premium activewear

Let’s be real. Activewear pieces can look similar from brand to brand. Carbon38 breaks the mold with unique activewear pieces that feel more daring than Lululemon’s minimalist designs. Rich auntie energy abounds.


Varley luxury athleisure

I almost included Varley in my quiet luxury capsule wardrobe. When you browse the neutral colors and matching sets, you’ll see why. If you like elevated activewear, this brand will be your new go-to.

I certainly wear my Varley half zip on repeat. 

Slipts 59 

Splits59 homepage featuring womens legging

Flattering fits abound at Splits 59, a lesser-known athleisure brand based in sunny LA.

The clothing has more of a streetwear feel than Lululemon, making it ideal for those who want to run errands and live life in their leggings, tops, and dresses.

Sporty & Rich 

Sporty&Rich activewear

Sporty & Rich, the brainchild of Emily Oberg, has risen to prominence not just as a clothing brand but a lifestyle statement.

Blending streetwear and a vintage tilt, S&R carries a distinct luxury aesthetic. Find sweatshirts, tennis skirts, and a bevy of nonchalant matching sets here. 

Your FAQs about Lulu Alternatives

What are plus size alternatives to Lululemon?

Girlfriend Collective

Shaking up the activewear space with eco-friendly, size-inclusive offerings, Girlfriend Collective is a stellar plus-size alternative to Lululemon. 

​​Universal Standard

Dubbed the most inclusive clothing brand on the market, Universal Standard takes size inclusivity seriously. The Next-to-Naked Bodysuit is one popular piece that plays double duty as a casual fit and workout gear.


Fabletics offers an impressive size range with lots of plus-size-friendly leggings, bras, and tops. The Yitty line, made in collaboration with Lizzo, also offers size-inclusive shapewear. 

Old Navy

Known for its commitment to size inclusivity, Old Navy’s active line caters to a diverse range of body types.

What are stores like Lululemon for men?

Vuori, Rhone, Outdoor Voices, and Zella, are stellar options for men seeking alternatives to Lululemon. They offer quality activewear that combines performance, style, and comfort. Whether you’re into running, yoga, or general athleisure, you’ll find a range of options from these activewear brands.

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