Get a Capsule Wardrobe in a Box: 10+ Premade Capsule Options

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Whether you’ve finally decided to declutter the closet or you’re in desperate need of a style refresh, a capsule wardrobe can be a game-changer. What’s that? You’re low on time to curate clothing essentials and build your own capsule wardrobe?

Might I suggest a capsule wardrobe in a box? 

Yes, you can have a versatile wardrobe full of high-quality pieces without spending lots of time shopping.

In this guide, find pre-made capsule wardrobe options, styling services, and subscription boxes for hassle-free outfit creation.

Before you dive in, you may have an idea of a premade capsule wardrobe in your mind.

  • For some, it’s a group of garments in a ready-to-buy package
  • For others, a premade capsule is a versatile collection of basics at a store that you can pick and choose to build your ideal wardrobe.
  • For others, a subscription service that ships mix-and-matchable clothing straight to your door is the dream.

You’ll find all three options on this list. I truly hope this guide helps you. And feel free to drop me an email if you need more assistance.

Let’s get into it!


Battling with your closet is time-consuming, I know. So I created this ready to buy capsule featuring:

– A full capsule wardrobe with links to shop (affordable & luxe options)

80 unique outfit ideas using only the pieces in the capsule

– 10 polished outfit formulas for effortless ensembles

I did the heavy lifting of selecting versatile pieces, creating a ton of polished outfits, and whipping up outfit formulas featuring pieces you likely already have in your closet.

The result? This perfectly premade capsule wardrobe.

You can buy this capsule wardrobe and more here.


Let’s talk stores. The ones below offer versatile, high-quality pieces perfect for a capsule. Many of them have premade capsule collections that I linked to make your capsule-to-go wishes come true.

This post contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission when you shop the links, at no cost to you.

1. Everlane

Everlane ethically made clothing featuring shop tabs for shoes, tops, and shorts

Every capsule wardrobe kit needs high-quality pieces like T-shirts, jeans, and (alpaca) sweaters. Everlane focuses on transparency and sustainable materials so it’s a go-to shop for sustainably-minded shoppers. For ready-to-wear items, shop the capsule collection known as Everlane Essentials.

Alternatively, browse their full store – so many of their pieces are timeless and versatile. In other words, capsule creation is a breeze.

Shop Everlane Capsule Essentials

2. M.M. LaFleur

premade professional capsule wardrobe mm. la fleur

If your capsule wardrobe in a box needs a professional slant, M.M. LaFleur is the place to go. Here, you can shop pre-made capsule wardrobes curated by working women. 

You can also browse workwear staples like blazers, dresses, and trousers that are comfortable and oh-so-chic. We love a good work capsule wardrobe that’s both chic and comfortable.

Explore M.M LaFleur Capsule Essentials

3. Cuyana

Cuyana capsule wardrobe essentials

Cuyana focuses on creating timeless pieces that will remain as wardrobe essentials for years to come. Beyond its beautiful leather goods, the brand also offers classic pieces like cotton jumpsuits, silk skirts, and cashmere sweaters. You can explore their luxe collections including the travel capsule wardrobe.

Browse Cuyana Capsule Staples

4. COS

COS Womens clothing

If Scandinavian style is calling your name, head to COS to create your minimalist capsule kit. The brand’s capsule collection, COS Essentials, features modern, easy-going pieces that are perfect for a capsule wardrobe. When building a capsule on a budget, this option is one to keep on your list. 

Shop COS Capsule Essentials


Encircled is an ethical women’s fashion brand that offers versatile, multi-functional clothing. Their pieces are designed to be worn in multiple ways, allowing you to get more wear out of each garment. You can buy a capsule wardrobe for everyday wear or traveling. Ready-to-buy capsule wardrobe, here you come. 


Are you a fan of French fashion? Explore a gorgeous French capsule wardrobe here.

6. Madewell

Madewell womens clothing showcasing denim, dresses, and sweaters

Simple, dependable. Madewell is known for its classic, well-made pieces like jeans, blazers, and leather jackets. While the brand doesn’t sell premade capsules, it offers a range of timeless styles that can be easily incorporated into a capsule wardrobe.

Shop Madewell Capsule Staples


Universal Standard Tops for women size inclusive message

Universal Standard proudly produces the most size inclusive range of clothing from 4XS-4XL. The brand offers versatile capsule collections that help you dress with intention and is ideal if you’re building a plus size wardrobe.

Explore Universal Standard Clothing

8. Marcella NYC

womens minimalist clothing at Marcella NYC

One look at Marcella NYC and you’ll see why ot’s ideal for a chic capsule wardrobe. The easy elegance and minimalist feel have earned the brand a dedicated following. 

They occasionally compile  capsule collections but carry versatile pieces year round. Find sophisticated staples for your  capsule wardrobe checklist.

Shop Marcella NYC Capsule Staples


If you want a grab-and-go capsule wardrobe, a trip to ADAY’s versatile collections will do. Each garment is designed with innovative and easy-to-care-for super fabrics. And did I mention they all look incredibly polished?



Stylists enhance your wardrobe in ways big and small. From pulling individual pieces to creating fully styled looks, these sartorial stars are here to help. Explore different options and price points below.

Trendsend styling service homepage

Looking for a laissez-faire approach to capsule wardrobe creation? Trendsend is a capsule wardrobe in a box type service that enlists savvy stylists to do the heavy lifting. Perfect for those who don’t want to bother with a capsule wardrobe formula

What it is: Offered by Evereve, Trendsend is a personalized styling service that offers custom clothing boxes from personal stylists. The service offers customized clothing recommendations based on your style preferences, lifestyle, and body type.

How it Works: Like the journey to many capsule wardrobe kits, this begins with a style quiz. Answer questions about your personal style, body shape, and lifestyle here. Then, one of their 90+ stylists (not a computer program) curates a box of clothing that’s shipped straight to your door. From there, it’s a standard keep what you like, and return what you don’t policy. 

Cool Feature: For those in search of a style shortcut, Trendsend offers “theme boxes” which offer styled looks for specific events. Boxes include a night out capsule, a weekend chic capsule, you get the vibe. 

Cost: There is no subscription fee for Trendsend, but you’ll be charged for items you keep. Prices for individual items range. But you can select budget preferences when you take the quiz. There is also a $20 styling fee, which is applied to any items you decide to buy.


You want to look put together every day, not just on special occasions. Cladwell is a smart styling app that gets it.

What it is: Cladwell is a smart closet app that serves up personalized wardrobe recommendations based on your style preferences, patterns, and budget. The best part? It curates outfits from the clothes you already own while suggesting new items to add to your closet. Why not work with what you’ve already got?

How it Works: Head to your friendly neighborhood app store to download Cladwell. From there, you’ll answer a series of questions about your style preferences and wardrobe needs. Then voila, you’ll get a custom wardrobe plan. This includes recommendations on what to keep, what to donate, and what to add to your closet to create a capsule wardrobe.

Cool Feature:  In addition to outfit creation, Cladwell offers tracking. It can log what you wear each day and provide daily outfit suggestions based on the weather, occasion, and your personal style.

Cost: Cladwell has a free, personal and pro plan so you have options. The personal plan rings in at $4.99 a month and allows for unlimited outfit creation. The stylist plan sits at $49.99 a month and provides access to a personal stylist. 



Front Door Fashion Personal Stylist homepage

The hunt for a capsule wardrobe kit continues. High quality clothing and white glove service are part and parcel of Front Door Fashion’s styling. Order a box whenever you desire, no subscription needed. 

What it is: Front Door Fashion is an upscale styling service that offers 4-6 hand-selected looks in every box you order. Those in Dallas, TX can take advantage of in-person styling sessions but custom boxes are available to anyone in the US.

How it Works: To start, fill out your fashion preferences. Then, request your style box. Front Door Fashion states that your assigned stylist may contact you for further details. Once you receive your custom box, you have five days to decide what to keep and what to send back.Of course, only pay for what you love. 

Cool Feature: Thoughtful curation is at the heart of Front Door Fashion. Instead of providing an array of clothing pieces, each box comes with completely styled looks. Plus, the looks include instructions for how to best style each outfit.

Cost: Front Door Fashion charges no styling fees or shipping costs. As for the items in your box, clothing pieces start around $100 and accessories start around $25. 


Nordy shoppers, you likely knew about Nordstrom’s Trunk Club subscription service. While that’s since closed, the store does offer a helpful styling service. It offers a way to elevate your style with some help from pros.

What it is: A personalized styling service offered in store or online at Nordstrom. You can get custom clothing recommendations, outfit options for specific occasions, and even in-home styling sessions.

How it Works: You can meet with a stylist in person or online. If you opt for the in-store option, you’ll connect with a stylist beforehand via phone or email. They’ll learn about your clothing needs and preferences and then pull some options that will be waiting for you when you arrive. 

Cool Feature: If you live near a Nordstrom location, you can take advantage of the in-home styling service where an expert stylist comes straight to you. You can even request a closet audit service

Cost: Meeting with a stylist in person at a Nordstrom location is free.  In-home styling appointments cost $50 and a 3-hour closet audit costs $300.


StitchFix Capsule Wardrobe in a Box

If you’ve so much as dipped your toe into the world of online personal styling, you’ve heard of the popular Stitch Fix. Get the details below!

What it is: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for men, women and children that offers clothing to fit your personal style and price point.

How it Works: You know the drill. Take a style quiz so your stylist gets to know what you need, what you like, your budget, and all those helpful details. Based on results, a stylist will curate a selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories that they think you’ll love. Then, you keep what you like and return the clothing that didn’t work out. 

Cool Feature: The more you interact with your stylist, the more tailored and precise recommendations get. You can give feedback on each item in your box. By doing so, you set yourself up for better clothing picks in the future.

Cost: Stitch Fix offers clothing for every price point and you can set preferences when you take the style quiz. The cost of Stitch Fix varies depending on the items you receive, but there is a $20 styling fee per box that is credited towards any items you decide to keep. 


If you want more items in a capsule wardrobe kit, DailyLook may be just the style box you’re after. The service includes 7-12 items per box, giving you more to explore. 

What it is: DailyLook promises to make getting dressed convenient, matching you with a personal stylist that curates a box of clothing for a range of occasions.

How it Works: DailyLook helps you elevate your style without lots of effort. Fill out a style quiz and get matched with a personal stylist. When the clothing box arrives at your door, try it on and only pay for what you love. Return what you don’t want. According to the site,  DailyLook offers brands including Brand, Rag and Bone, Velvet, DL1961, Hudson, BB Dakota, Michael Stars, Vince, and Gorjana. 

Cool Feature: They offer a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X, so everyone can enjoy a personalized styling experience. Added bonus? Their selection includes a variety of styles, from classic to trendy, so you have a good chance of finding pieces that speak to your sense of style.

Cost: There is a $40 styling fee for DailyLook boxes but this can be applied to any item you decide to keep. Expect items in each box to cost $60 and up .


Our capsule collections will vary but one thing is for sure: You can always supplement your wardrobe with clothing rentals. Here are some options to consider.


Nuuly is a clothing subscription service that allows you to keep outfits fresh without buying new clothes all the time. I use it monthly to supplement my capsule wardrobe and have the fast facts below –get the full review here.

Some of My Nuuly Rentals:

capsule subscription outfit
capsule wardrobe in a box outfit

How it Works: You’ll start by creating a profile that includes your style preferences and sizing. Then Nuuly’s closet becomes your closet. Pick 6 items per month to rent. Send them back when you’re done and pick your new set of items. Rotating wardrobe, here you come. 

My Review: Nuuly, aka my angelic clothing assistant. It empowers me to sustain a small and cohesive wardrobe at home. The new rotation each month means I can refresh my closet with new and exciting pieces each month. Plus, I am no longer prey to the impulsive urge to purchase new clothing items for events or trips. A win in my book!

Cost: 6 items cost $98 a month at Nuluy. If you fall in love with an item you rent, you can score it at a discounted price. 


What it is: Rent the Runway is a subscription-based service that allows you to rent designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the retail price.

How it works: Choose a membership plan that suits your needs. They offer plans that range from 5 items per month to 15 items. Keep the pieces for as long as you want then return to try something new. Rinse and repeat to access items from over 700 designers.

My Experience: I use Rent the Runway for special occasions to get dresses that stun. The delivery is always incredibly punctual and the pieces are in top condition. See pics below!

Cost: The 5 item a month plan goes for $94 a month, the 10 item a month plan sits at $144 a month, and the 15 item a month plan has a $193 a month price tag.

Some of My Rent the Runway Looks: 


Yes, building a capsule wardrobe from scratch has its perks, namely the ability to customize it to suit your exact style. But a ready-to-buy capsule wardrobe is equally alluring for the following reasons:

Save Time. Say goodbye to scouring shops or opening way too many online shopping tabs. The hunt for the perfect capsule pieces can take a while. With a premade capsule wardrobe, the closet curation work has already been done for you. You can simply select the wardrobe that fits your style and lifestyle, and voila! Your capsule wardrobe is complete.

Reduce Impulse Spending.

Most capsule wardrobe-in-a-box options offer high-quality garments. While the upfront cost may seem steep, investing in quality pieces that are versatile and can be worn for years will ultimately save you money on future clothing purchases.

Reduce Guesswork. If you’re new to capsule wardrobes, the trial-and-error period of finding out what works can be annoying. What if you could minimize it? Enter the pre-made capsule wardrobe. Since the pieces in the curated collection are built to mix and match seamlessly, you can create outfits in a snap.  

Build Your Wardrobe Foundation. Want a capsule wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Timeless, staple pieces are the best foundation for a versatile wardrobe. A flattering pair of jeans, a white button-down, a neutral tank top, the (mix and match-friendly) list goes on. Fortunately, capsule collections and ready-to-buy wardrobes feature these classics so you get a head start.


Start with foundational pieces that provide the base for easy mixing and matching. Common staples to buy first include a well-fitting pair of jeans, A little black dress, a button-down shirt, tailored neutral pants, a crisp white t-shirt, and a structured trench coat.

Yes, certain brands like Everlane, Encircled, Madewell, and others offer pre-made capsule wardrobes. These collections often feature staples like classic tees, simple blouses, jeans, and a structured blazer. Pre-made capsule wardrobes take the guesswork out of creating a minimalist wardrobe so you get a cohesive and stylish closet minus the time commitment. If you’re looking for a capsule wardrobe in a box, a subscription service will be your best bet.

When on the lookout for capsule-friendly essentials, brands like Everlane, ADAY, Mango, Cos, Reformation, and Cuyana, each offer myriad options. Want more? Explore a full list of capsule brands here.

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