A Work-From-Home Wardrobe Capsule From an Experienced Remote Worker

Work From Home Capsule Wardrobe

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Ah, the work-from-home wardrobe. Logging into the office instead of commuting opens the door to more laid-back looks. I’ve worked from home for over three years and love slipping into comfortable outfits.

But, corporate cuties, for the sake of productivity, it’s important to don a presentable work-from-home outfit. So, set aside the stretched-out sweatshirt. Your at-home wardrobe is about to get a fashion-forward promotion.

Read on for work-form-home outfit ideas, an example wfh capsule wardrobe, and my tips on building an at-home wardrobe that you love.

If you need a slightly dressier work wardrobe, check out the professional work capsule wardrobe here.


I’m a card-carrying member of the work-from-home club. If you can relate, you know how helpful it is to have boundaries in remote work. Here is where I work. Here is where I unwind. Defined locations provide structure. Well, there are benefits to having a clearly defined closet as well.

Having a thoughtfully curated closet filled with versatile and comfortable pieces creates a sense of structure and professionalism, even if you’re just steps away from your kitchen.

By building a work-from-home wardrobe capsule, you get rid of the daily what-to-wear stress. It’s a relief to always have stylish and appropriate outfits on hand for video calls or those last-minute virtual meetings.

It’s one of the many capsule wardrobe benefits my fashion-forward self is grateful for. And you will be too.

Explore the comfy and chic wfh capsle below!

neutral work from home outfit

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Yes, you can look polished without sacrificing comfort. Use the at-home capsule wardrobe below to create home office outfits in no time. Or, click here for a full capsule wardrobe checklist and printable.

work from home capsule wardrobe


Now let’s put this work-from-home wardrobe into action. Here are three at-home outfits you won’t want to change out of.


A cozy sweater, leggings, and soft slippers are ideal for those work-from-the-couch days.

cozy wfh outfit with leggings and slippers


When getting dressed for casual remote work days, comfort is my top priority. Be sure your wfh wardrobe has cozy essentials that you can move freely in.

Stock up on a few pairs of seamless leggings, a comfortable sweater, and warm slippers of course. I also look for fabrics that are breathable and soft like organic cotton and cashmere.


Look good on a zoom call with a sleek off-the-shoulder sweater. Your coworkers won’t see these elegant joggers but we wouldn’t be mad if they did.

zoom meeting outfit with flats and joggers


When I’ll be camera on for a call, I put a bit more attention into my outfit. That way, I can strike the balance between comfortable and polished. My office is pretty casual so relaxed looks are par for the course on Zoom calls.

No matter the dress code, I pick colors that won’t clash with my background or be overly bright. Neutral tones and solid colors are my trusted companions for Zoom meeting tops.


Dressing up to work from home can provide that confidence boost. This silk blouse and trouser combo is comfortable yet powerful. You can stick to slippers or upgrade to real shoes like a pair of lug-sole loafers. You know, for that “I’m in the office” feel.

work from home wardrobe capsule outfit


Now and then, it feels good to dress up even when working from home. When creating my outfits, I pay special attention to the neckline of your top. My tip here is to choose a flattering cut that complements your frame. I love off-the-shoulder tops because they are chic and don’t come with the risk of being overly revealing. Necktie blouses and boat neck tops are other equally elegant options.

Wondering how to blend your current wardrobe with new pieces? This guide to editing and refreshing your closet will help.


Laptop and monitor are at the ready. But is your closet? These work-from-home clothing essentials check the comfort and style boxes. Plus, you can easily mix and match them to create casual and professional looks.

1. Elegant Blouse x 2

Pair with dainty earrings to look put together for a day of meetings.


2. Cozy Sweater x 3

Keep your at-home wardrobe comfortable and cute with this cashmere number.


3. White Tee x 2

This wrinkle-free staple will be the most versatile piece in your work-from-home wardrobe.


4. Boat Neck Top x 2

A boat neck top offers another polished way to arrive at the virtual office.


5. Oxford Shirt x 2

Love layers? Place an oxford shirt under a crew neck sweater for a professional look.


6. Ribbed Turtleneck x 2

Something about a turtleneck just makes you look like you know what you’re doing.


7. Off the Shoulder Top x 1

This elegant neckline looks lovely on Zoom calls.


8. Breathable Dress x 2

Unlike your boss, this dress has a super relaxed feel to it.


9. Wide-Leg Pants x 2

Roomy and chic? Yes, wide-leg trousers are hard to beat.


10. High-Waisted Leggings x 3

A solid pair of leggings will pretty much go with every top in your work capsule.


11. Cute Joggers x 1

These elevated joggers just got promoted to your new favorite at-home pants.


12. Comfy Jeans x 1

Working from home in jeans is comfortable in the right pair. An organic cotton pair fits the bill.


13. Breezy Jumpsuit x 2

Running late for a morning Zoom call? Throw on a sleek jumpsuit and log in.


14. Ankle Length Trousers x 2

Slim cut and sleek, these trousers are great for hybrid workers. Professional comfort has arrived.


15. Cozy Cardigan x 2

A true classic, the cardigan is a work-from-home wardrobe essential you can’t live without.


16. Lightweight Blazer x 1

Polished and versatile, the blazer deserves a spot in your wfh clothing rotation.


17. Soft Slippers x 1

Warm feet. Laptop at 100% battery. What could be better?


18. Chic Flats x 1

If slippers are too casual, try these uber-comfortable and elegant quilted flats.


A smaller work wardrobe simplifies your work mornings. Learn how to build a ten-piece wardrobe here.


We’re about to cover how to build your dream work-from-home capsule collection (hello, future best-dressed employee). For inspiration, here are a few more ideas of what to wear to the online office.


Stay warm in your at-home office with a tried and true classic turtleneck. Trousers and slippers complete this neutral at-home outfit.

winter work from home capsule wardrobe outfit with sweater and slippers
cozy remote work outfit with leggings and t-shirt


Stay cool and look cooler in this effortless monochrome wfh look. Pop on slides for a hint of color on the next iced coffee run.

jumpsuit remote work outfit
summer work from home outfit white pants and white t-shirt


A work-from-home capsule wardrobe is a small set of versatile clothing items that can be combined to create numerous outfits. Typical essentials in a work capsule include an oxford shirt, a white tee, a light blazer, and fitted trousers. But your 9-5 needs are unique. Here’s how to build your own:

1. Set Your WFH Dress Code

Before creating your work-from-home wardrobe, consider the virtual office dress code. If your office has a casual culture (hi, emojis in emails) the bulk of your wfh capsule should reflect that. Working at a professional firm? Then your focus should be on more structured, polished garments.

With your dress code and personal style in mind, jot down your must-have wardrobe items. These can be items that you already own or new ones that you’ll purchase.

Style Tip: To determine what pieces you need, write down three adjectives that will describe your work-from-home outfits. For example, chic, comfortable, and minimalist.


2. Pick a Capsule Color Palette

Did you block out an hour on your calendar each morning to spend trying on work-from-home outfits? Didn’t think so. Make your mornings simple by selecting a color palette for your work-from-home wardrobe. You can use this detailed capsule color palette guide to help.

To do so, pick a base color (black, navy, or tan) and then a few supporting and accent colors to add dimension. When all the colors in your wardrobe go together, creating outfits becomes the easiest task on your to-do list.


3. Select Layering Pieces

Update: Your coworker’s drawn-out presentation is not the only thing needing structure. If your work-from-home wardrobe lacks layers, it’s bound to let you down. Layers add interest to your outfit and complement your other clothing.

Add a blazer over a blouse. Pair a turtleneck under a jumpsuit. Include some light layers to elevate your looks on Zoom calls, in coffee shops, and everywhere in between.


4. Opt For Comfortable Bottoms

Whether you’re working from an office chair or a standing desk, comfortable bottoms make wfh life so much better. Reach for cozy bottoms that still help you feel put together. Sweatpants are not- I repeat- not the only comfortable work-from-home clothing option.

Get acquainted with wide-leg trousers, structured joggers, and tapered knit pants. These slightly elevated options will keep you chic and comfortable.

Style Tip: Set aside designated work pants and lounge pants. When you look your best, you’ll perform better at work. So save the sweats for after you clock out.


5. Get Dressed Everyday

To enhance productivity (and show your coworkers that you are indeed a style savant), put on a presentable outfit each day. With a dedicated work-from-home capsule wardrobe, creating new outfits is a quick process, unlike those meetings that could have been an email.

Pssst. View the detailed guide to building a timeless capsule wardrobe here.


Looks like you’ll be OOO for a quick online shopping trip. These stores are a great source of quality clothing ranging from casual to professional. Simply click on the store name to shop the site.


Picture this: you log in for work, but instead of squeezing into stiff office attire, you slip into cozy basics, courtesy of Everlane. The sustainable work-from-home clothes will have you looking effortlessly chic during virtual meetings. Say goodbye to that stretched-out sweatshirt and hello to a fashion-forward promotion for your at-home wardrobe.

Frank And Oak

Whether you’re logging into the office or lounging at home, Frank & Oak has got you covered with their sustainable and functional clothing. From cozy sweaters to chic flats, they’ve got what you need for your 9-5. Your work-from-home style game is about to level up.

M.M. LaFleur

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have serious style. MM La Fleur has your back with their versatile and polished workwear. Whether you’re rocking perfectly tailored trousers or a structured dress, their collection will have you polished for meetings and everything else on your plate. If you are in a hybrid setting or a very professional office, give this brand a try.


It may have started as a shapewear brand but SPANX has blossomed with lifestyle and workwear lines that are built to flatter your shape. For comfortable and beautifully constructed blazers, pants, tops, and work dresses, stroll on over to the site.


It’s time to upgrade your WFH game with Aday’s minimalist and oh-so-functional clothing. Their collection is all about combining comfort and style. Think breathable dresses and comfy yet flattering joggers.  Embrace the laid-back vibes without sacrificing your professional polish.

Want more options? Browse this list of the top capsule wardrobe brands.  

Honorable Mentions

  • Amour Vert
  • Summersalt
  • Aritzia

Here are a couple of my favorite work-from-home accessories:

Blue Light Glasses. They protect my tired eyes, frame my face, and help me look smart on Zoom calls. With so many perks, blue light glasses are undoubtedly my favorite work-from-home accessory. Reach for a pair that complements your face shape.

Satin Hair Tie. Buns, braids, and ponytails. If you’re like me and prefer to have your hair out of your face when working a satin scrunchie is a handy hair (and wrist) accessory. Keep a pack at the ready so you can swap hairstyles without the dreaded bend that typical elastics leave in hair. 

In addition to these, I keep some pretty earrings and rings in rotation since they help me look polished when I’m on virtual calls.

When it comes to my work-from-home wardrobe capsule, I’ve discovered a magic number that works like a charm: 10-15 pieces. Why? Two words: laundry schedule. Glamorous, I know.  I do laundry once a week, and having this range of clothes ensures that I have enough options to last me throughout the week without feeling like I’m wearing the same outfit over and over again. So use your laundry frequency as a guide to help select the right number of pieces.

You can also use this guide to how many items should be in a capsule wardrobe for mora more detailed approach.

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