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Summer Black Capsule Wardrobe

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Every trend cycle, the latest garment or style is deemed “ the new black”. But the truth is, there’s no replacing this all-time classic. Black is the new black (and always will be). From versatility to ease of outfit creation, the benefits of a black capsule wardrobe abound.

Whether you’re simply curious about an all-black wardrobe or are fully on board, this guide is here to offer style inspiration for winter and summer dressing. Let’s get back to black below!


Yes, you can sport your all-black wardrobe and still feel comfortable in the summer heat. The trick? Choose breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen when curating your clothing. This minimalist summer capsule features all-black pieces so you’ll feel as cool as you look.


Browse the inky basics below. Then scroll on for the winter counterpart.

Summer Black Capsule Wardrobe


You don’t have to choose between looking good and staying warm with an all-black capsule wardrobe. This winter edition features cozy base pieces and ones ideal for layering. To stay cozy, opt for warm fabrics including wool, down, and the ever-versatile cotton.


Get all-black winter essentials below. Your super stylish monochrome closet is loading.

Black Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Want a larger winter wardrobe that’s just as styish? This winter capsule closet will do the trick.

Black Capsule Clothing Essentials

Building an all-black wardrobe allows you to invest in timeless pieces that you’ll wear for years. While essentials depend on your lifestyle, this list offers a helpful starting point. Feel free to swap out items to create a list that suits your personal style.

1.Classic T-Shirt

2.Tank Top

3.Fitted Turtleneck

4.Sleek Bodysuit

5.Dainty Blouse

6.Chic Sweater

7.High-Waisted Jeans

8.Cozy Cardigan

9.Structured Coat

10.Polished Trousers

11.A-Line Shorts

12.Little Black Dress

13.Midi Skirt

Building a closet that’s both chic and wallet-freindly? This affordable capsule closet guide will help.

How to Build an All-Black Wardrobe

We’ve explored some black capsule wardrobe examples. Now for the real fun. Read on for the steps on creating an all-black closet.

1. Consider Your Clothing Needs

You want a wardrobe that’s sleek and stylish. But let’s not sacrifice functionality. Start your capsule-building process by examining your lifestyle. Are you in the office most days and in need of a plethora of professional pieces? Does your week involve lots of running errands and casual meetings? Rather than following a cookie-cutter capsule checklist, determine what types of clothing suits your day-to-day.

2. Select Foundational Pieces

Every capsule wardrobe needs a solid foundation of timeless investment pieces. An all-black wardrobe is no exception. Chances are, you are hanging in your closet right now. Hint: It’s the clothing you wear over and over that always seems to look great. Essentials may include a classic black t-shirt, a pair of jeans in your favorite cut, a little black dress, and wide-leg trousers.

3. Sprinkle in Texture

All black doesn’t have to be all boring. Keep your black capsule wardrobe interesting by mixing fabrics and textures. Slip a cashmere sweater over a silk skirt. Add a leather jacket on top of a cotton dress. For party looks, a hint of fringe will liven up your look. Shirred fabrics or pleats are a great option for a more subtle texture addition.

4. Maintain Your Black Clothing

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention proper garment care in this guide. It’s an all-black wardrobe, not a faded-to-gray one, after all. Want a quick tip to prevent fading? Turn clothes inside out before tossing them into the wash. And of course, pay attention to care instructions on clothing tags so clothes stay jet-black and beautiful.

Want to add a few more colors to your closet? The capsule wardrobe color palette guide is here to help.


Ready for some monochrome magic? All black clothing ideas, coming right up. If you find the outfits below a bit too casual, a professional work wardrobe like this one may be what you’re after.



Benefits of an All-Black Wardrobe

An all-black closet is certainly not for everyone, but the color does offer lots of perks when it comes time to get dressed. Here’s a handful of reasons to have an all-black moment.

Black goes with everything.

No need to worry about your closet color palette. Black plays well with others. The lack of color leaves room to easily add statement accessories like a bright-colored handbag or patterned pair of sunglasses.

Black outfits look polished.

A neat, head-to-toe black outfit just exudes sophistication. Perhaps it’s the power of monochrome looks in action. Just another benefit of a black closet.

Black never goes out of style.

The old Pantone color of the year is collecting dust now that we’ve all moved on. But tried and true black is here to stay. You’ll hold on to black pieces longer. Here’s to timeless outfits.

Black has a slimming effect.

Yup, you’ve heard it a thousand times. But that’s because it’s true. Black is a flattering color that streamlines the figure. A confidence boost from a color? Yes, please.

Black is versatile.

From a first date to an office meeting to dinner with friends, there’s no wrong time to wear black. Plus, outfit repeating is way easier in black. No one seems to notice. As you can tell, an all-black capsule wardrobe has its perks.


Layering and accessorizing enhance versatility in your all-black wardrobe. To start, make sure you have the essential pieces for building great outfits. A sleek black turtleneck, a breezy t-shirt, and a pair of flattering jeans are essentials. Then, add interest to your wardrobe with textured pieces to mix and match. Think of a silk shirt or leather jacket. Last but not least, accessorize to enhance your black ensembles. Statement jewelry, a patterned scarf, or a bright handbag are all stellar style choices.

Typical capsule wardrobes contain between 20-40 pieces of clothing. However, some super minimalist capsules contain 10-15 pieces. For advice on how many pieces should be in a capsule wardrobe, read this guide.

It may take some trial and error to find the perfect capsule wardrobe size for you. If you’re just starting out, set a range rather than a strict number limit for items in your closet.

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