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16 Ultra Quiet Luxury Brands: Legacy, Modern, & New

monochrome outfit featuring quiet luxury brands

16 Ultra Quiet Luxury Brands: Legacy, Modern, & New

Quiet luxury. Stealth wealth. Whatever moniker is on our lips (and social media feeds) of late, it’s clear that an emphasis on understated elegance has captured public attention. Yes, timeless fashion is nothing new.

But the surge of interest in quiet luxury signals a shift toward a more elevated way of dressing and away from flashy logos. Enter quiet luxury brands.

Below, explore contemporary brands, emerging ones, and legacy quiet luxury brands that were creating timeless looks before stealth wealth even entered common parlance.

monochrome outfit featuring quiet luxury brands

What is a quiet luxury brand?

While everyone and their (fashion-forward) mother has an opinion on what can be deemed quiet luxury, there are some common threads across brands.

A quiet luxury brand embodies sophistication and elegance through subtle design elements and refined aesthetics. You’ll notice an emphasis on craftsmanship, quality, and timeless appeal and a rejection of overt branding. These elegant brands put forward understated, yet high-quality products that exude a sense of refined luxury. 

 Modern Icons Timeless Legacy New Entrants
The Row Brunello Cucinelli Objets Daso
Fear of God Max Mara Hunting Season
TOTEME Loro Piana
Peter Do Bottega Veneta
Khaite Jil Sander
Vince Margaret Howell
JW Anderson Loewe

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Modern Quiet Luxury Brands

The it girls of quiet luxury await. Click any brand name to shop the collection.

The Row

The Row, a brainchild of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, is the exquisite antithesis to logmanis. Elevating minimalism to an art form, the brand features sleek garments in innovative silhouettes. The stealth wealth brand is a favorite among A-listers from Zoe Kravits to Bella Hadid. 

Shop The Row


Founded by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, TOTEME offers elevated, crisp staples that remain approachable. Their iconic scarf jacket serves as a symbol of their approach to fashion – one that exudes a subtle, yet undeniable sophistication, redefining the minimalist’s approach to style.


Peter Do

Peter Do’s designs encapsulate avant-garde elegance that are works of art in their own right. Through architectural silhouettes and impeccable craftsmanship, the brand embodies a bold, edgy, yet quietly luxurious persona that is simply unmatched.

Shop Peter Do


Khaite’s approach to luxury clothing is understated, yet intrinsically sexy. Their collections strike a harmonious balance between sumptuous fabrics and timeless silhouettes, offering a modern yet nostalgically elegant aesthetic.

Shop Khatie

Fear of God

Fear of God brings a streetwear style twist to the realm of quiet luxury with laid-back garments in neutral hues. With its versatile, oversized knitwear and relaxed silhouettes, the brand masterfully marries comfort and elegance, offering a sleek perspective on luxury athleisure.

Shop Fear of God


Vince skillfully translates modern essentials into elevated casual wear. By placing a strong emphasis on everyday luxury, their relaxed tailoring and high-quality fabrics strike a fine equilibrium between comfort and refinement.

Shop Vince

JW Anderson

JW Anderson seamlessly fuses traditional craftsmanship with a modern design, resulting in a playful, artful aesthetic. If you’re in search of a Pheoe Philo-esque sensibility, place this quiet luxury brand in your rotation. 

Shop JW Anderson

Building a capsule wardrobe? Explore the best brands to shop here. 

Legacy Quiet Luxury Brands

Let’s turn our attention to legacy brands. These are names you’ll recognize as they’ve cemented their place in the realm of timeless fashion.

Brunello Cucinelli

A stalwart in the realm of quiet luxury, Brunello Cucinelli stands as an essential inclusion on any list celebrating refined elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. It sits in the tier of elegant brands that are both impeccably crafted and oh-so-understated. 

Shop Brunello Cucinelli 


Love understated elegance? Explore a chic French capsule wardrobe here. 

Max Mara

Max Mara has long been the epitome of time-honored sophistication, recognized for its superior tailoring, high-quality materials, and the confidence exuded by its discerning clientele.

Shop Max Mara

Loro Piana

Renowned for its attention to exquisite materials and immaculate craftsmanship, Loro Piana embodies an understated yet unmistakable luxury that transcends time. 

Shop Loro Piana

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta remains a paragon of understated luxury, celebrated for its iconic intrecciato leather and artisanal craftsmanship that has captivated generations.

Shop Bottega Veneta

Jil Sander

Jil Sander has continually set the benchmark for minimalist elegance, focusing on clean lines, impeccable tailoring, and an enduring commitment to timeless sophistication.

Shop Jil Sander

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell epitomizes timeless British style, offering a quietly elegant aesthetic and an unwavering dedication to quality, simplicity, and classic design. Picture functional, relaxed pieces with an epicene aura. 

Shop Margaret Howell


Loewe, LOEWE, a major luxury house founded in 1846, champions craftsmanship and innovation. With its rich heritage and dedication to artisanal excellence, the brand represents an understated luxury that beautifully weaves together tradition and modernity.

Shop Loewe


Joseph is one of those elegant brands synonymous with contemporary and classic wardrobe essentials, exemplifying a perfect harmony between modernity and time-honored, enduring designs. perfect if you’re building a chic capsule wardrobe. 

Shop Joseph

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New Quiet Luxury Brands

Explore emerging brands with a distinct design ethos.

Objets Daso

Objets Daso emerges as a fresh force in the quiet luxury sphere, delivering an elegant, modern approach through geometric shapes and a Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic, bringing unique character to the realm of sophisticated accessories.

Shop Objects Daso

Hunting Season

Hunting Season’s luxury accessories embody a timeless approach, designed to seamlessly journey with individuals through life’s experiences. Crafted by a skilled artisan, each piece aims to be a lifelong, treasured artifact. Beyond thoughtful designs, their brand is woven with ethical responsibility, advocating for sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Shop Hunting Season

Your Quiet Luxury Questions, Answered

How do you master quiet luxury?

Ask and you shall receive. Here are five quiet luxury commandments:

Choose Understated Elegance: Opt for pieces with timeless designs that exude sophistication without being flashy. Minimalist details, muted colors, and clean lines comprise the quiet luxury look.

Prioritize Quality:  High-quality craftsmanship and materials are quiet luxury essentials. Look for well-made, enduring items that stand the test of time.

Avoid Logomania: Embrace simplicity. Avoid loud logos or overt branding. Instead, focus on classic silhouettes and accessories with discreet details.

Seek Timeless Pieces: Stock your closet with items that won’t fall victim to fleeting trends. Timelessness is a hallmark of quiet luxury, so invest in pieces that transcend fads.

Highlight Your Style: Select items that reflect your individual style. Quiet luxury isn’t about uniformity but about expressing your unique taste and personality through refined choices.

What is the quiet luxury attitude?

Is it a look… or a lifestyle?

The quiet luxury attitude encompasses an understated confidence and a refined sense of style. It’s a mindset that values sophistication without the need for overt displays of opulence. A spate of celebs such as Sofia Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow embody this attitude, opting for pieces that speak volumes through their quality and understated elegance.

This attitude isn’t about being loud or showy; it’s about a deliberate curation of well-crafted, timeless items that exude sophistication and grace. It’s a preference for quiet sophistication, reflecting confidence in one’s choices and a deep appreciation for the finer details in life.

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