An Ultra-Flattering Deep Winter Capsule Wardrobe: What to Wear & Avoid

Deep Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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In the realm of seasonal color analysis, Deep Winter emerges as a compelling chapter, featuring a captivating blend of cool and dark tones. A deep winter capsule wardrobe allows you to capture the most flattering hues for your skin, hair, and eyes and showcase them in flattering outfits. 

I originally thought color analysis would be restricting. But I’m happy to report that knowing what colors to wear boosts both clarity and confidence. 

For a flattering capsule closet, outfit ideas, and deep winter color dos and don’ts, scroll on.


To build a flattering Deep Winter capsule wardrobe, it’s vital to understand the core traits of your season.  You’re a deep winter if your primary characteristic is dark and your secondary characteristic is cool

Let’s break it down further. Deep Winters – also called Dark Winters- have three main characteristics:

Dark Value: Now, when we talk about value, we mean how dark or light a color is. For Deep Winters, this translates to dark hair and eyes. Many Deep Winters have dark brown or black eyes and similarly dark hair. 

Cool Hue: Deep Winters have a cool undertone, with skin colors ranging from fair to dark. Both Lily Collins and Naomi Campbell are deep winters to give you an idea of the span. This season sits close to Deep Autumn on the seasonal analysis. What’s the difference you ask? Autumns have a warm undertone that is distinct from cool winters. 

High Contrast: You’ll notice the sharp contrast between the dark hair, deep eyes, and fair to dark skin tones. This striking level of contrast contributes to their visually impactful appearance. You can see the high contrast between my dark hair and eyes vs my skin in this photo. 

If you’re indeed a deep winter, scroll on for a capsule wardrobe that will bring your features to life.

woman in silk dress and blazer


The Deep Winter palette features a  blend of deep, cool, and saturated shades that make a powerful statement. Scroll on to see the shades at play in this versatile capsule wardrobe. 


Black Turtleneck Sweater: A classic, cozy piece that will go with all your bottoms.

Teal Off the Shoulder Sweater: Provides another layer of warmth and a vibrant color option.

Emerald Green Short Sleeve: The mock neck means the color complements your face exquisitely.

Charcoal Gray Button-Up Shirt: Versatile enough to work in casual and more formal settings.


Emerald Green Wool Pants: Stylish and warm for colder days.

Black Wide Leg Jeans: A wardrobe staple that pairs well with everything.

Sapphire Blue A-Line Skirt: Adds a touch of color to your outfits (another skirt option)


Teal Tailored Dress: A flattering and elegant choice.

Charcoal Gray Mini Dress: A cozy and chic option for everyday wear.


Black Wool Coat: A timeless choice for outerwear. This drop shoulder detail is extra polished.

Green Puffer Jacket: Provides insulation against cold weather.


Black Leather Ankle Boots: Stylish and versatile for any outfit.

Blue Suede Pumps: Your office looks just leveled up.

Emerald Ballet Flats: A sophisticated pop of color that’s oh-so comfy.

Deep Winter Capsule Wardrobe


Good news- thanks to their striking contrast, Deep Winters can handle intense, rich colors. Peruse the most flattering colors for a Deep Winter capsule wardrobe and which hues to avoid.

Best Colors for Deep Winter

Deep Burgundy

Navy Blue

Hunter Green

Royal Purple

Charcoal Gray

Emerald Green

Rich Plum

Sapphire Blue

Worst Colors For Deep Winter


Light, warm colors

Earthy tones

Beige or tan shades

Soft, muted colors

Peach and coral tones

Light pastel pinks

Light, muted blues

I created some color palette ideas below. But first, let’s explore flattering outfit options.


I approached this deep winter capsule wardrobe with two simple goals – I need versatile pieces and I need them in flattering colors. Dressing for your season brightens your features, so it’s only natural you’ll want to wear these pieces on repeat. I used a color palette featuring emerald, teal, and charcoal gray.

Browse outfit ideas below and then get the 5-step process for building your ideal capsule.

Deep Winter Date Outfit with sapphire skirt and hunter green mock neck top
Deep Winter Dressy Outfit with charcoal grey dress and black coat with emerald earrings
Deep Winter Office Outfit with teal sweater and silver earrings with hunter green pants



Deep Winters flourish in neutrals that seamlessly complement their cool and high-contrast palette. Here’s how to make neutrals work for you:

Opt for Black, Charcoal, and Icy White: Black is a steadfast favorite, providing a strong, high-contrast base. Charcoal, with its gunmetal undertone, adds depth and gravitas. Icy white, when used thoughtfully, creates a striking contrast against your deep colors.

Balance Neutrals with Vibrant Pieces: Neutrals serve as the backdrop for your vibrant colors. To create captivating outfits, anchor your look with one dominant neutral piece (like black trousers or a charcoal blazer) and then introduce vibrant colors from your Deep Winter palette. This balance keeps your style both sophisticated and captivating.

By mastering Deep Winter neutrals, you lay the foundation for creating outfits that exude the season’s distinct charm and sophistication. With your neutrals in place, it’s time to weave in your vibrant hues for a well-rounded Deep Winter capsule wardrobe.

Need more color assistance? Check out 6 ways to pick a capsule color palette.

outfit with leather pleated skirt


If you’re after harmonious outfits, don’t skip this step. By choosing the right palette, you can create outfits that embody the trademark blend of cool and dark. 

Oh, You Need Color Palette Examples? Well, I’m glad you asked.

A Classic Combination: If it’s timeless elegance you seek, consider embracing rich reds, deep purples, and bold blues as your main colors. These shades exude confidence and sophistication. To kick it up a notch, add accents in icy gray and pitch black. Like a fine wine, this classic blend is sure to be a hit. 

A Muted Mix: Understated refinement has its charms. Deep teal, charcoal gray, and black can be your trusty go-to’s. These muted yet powerful shades serve as the foundation of your wardrobe. To level it up, introduce crisp white and icy blue accents. The result? Effortless elegance that’s bound to impress.

A Sophisticated Selection: For those who crave drama and sophistication, why not build your palette around deep plum, black coffee, and dark emerald? These sumptuous, high-contrast colors enhance your coloring. Elevate your look with touches of silver and graphite gray to add a dash of luxury.

Adore black? This all-black capsule wardrobe is just the monochrome miracle you need.


Now that you have your colors on lock,  it’s time to select the essentials that will form the backbone of your Deep Winter wardrobe.

But, what are the must-haves for a Deep Winter capsule wardrobe? Let’s break it down:

Tailored Black Pants: A well-fitted pair of black trousers is your go-to for professional or elegant occasions. Opt for a fabric with a subtle sheen to elevate the look.

Cashmere Sweaters: Embrace the luxurious warmth of cashmere sweaters in your chosen palette colors. These cozy knits are perfect for layering or wearing on their own.

Versatile Dresses: A few versatile dresses in shades that complement your palette are a great addition. 

Dark Denim: Dark-wash denim jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be styled casually or semi-formally. Their deep, cool tones match your season’s perfectly,

Structured Blazer: A structured blazer in a Deep Winter shade adds a touch of authority to your ensemble. Not for everyone, but I enjoy one from time to time.

Layering Tops: Invest in layering tops like long-sleeve tees, turtlenecks, and camisoles. These pieces are essential for creating well-coordinated, interesting outfits.

Elegant Skirts: Consider adding a couple of skirts in your palette colors to provide variety in your outfit choices. I gravitate towards midi skirts in jewel tones to make an elegant entrance. 

red asymmetrical bodycon dress


Deep Winter style isn’t just about the right colors; it’s also about playing with patterns and textures to enhance your sophisticated look. With the right selection, you can add depth and richness to your outfits. 

Here are patterns and textures to include in your Deep Winter capsule wardrobe:

Elegant Textiles: Deep Winters shine in elegant, expensive-looking textiles. Think smooth satins and luxurious knits. These fabrics not only exude refinement but also keep you comfortable and stylish.

Natural Fibers: To strike a perfect balance, integrate some natural fibers like cotton and twill. They add a touch of versatility and provide a well-rounded look. A cotton blouse or a twill skirt can work wonders.

Varied Fabrics: Experiment with a range of fabrics, such as crepe, knits, and ribbed wool. These textures can create depth and interest in your outfits, ensuring that you don’t look one-dimensional.

Remember, Deep Winter thrives on sharpness and distinction. So avoid watercolor blending or seamless transitions in your patterns. Ahem, pastels, we’re looking at you. 


You didn’t think I’d forget about accessories, did you? You can find my whole take on capsule wardrobe accessories here. For now, round out your Deep Winter capsule wardrobe with the following:

Cool-Toned Jewelry: Opt for jewelry in platinum or silver tones, as they complement your cool and bright color palette. 

Belts, Scarves, and Gloves: Incorporate accessories in rich, dark shades like deep red, dark emerald, or pitch black. A deep red belt can cinch your waist, a dark emerald pair of gloves can provide a sophisticated contrast to your neutral coat, etc. 

Handbags and Shoes: Invest in quality handbags and shoes that align with your Deep Winter aesthetic. Look for cool, dark colors such as deep plum, black coffee, or inky navy. These accessories should resonate with the overall tone of your wardrobe.

Going somewhere? This winter travel capsule wardrobe makes packing a breeze.

closet with hats and purses


Building a capsule took me lots of trial and error (that’s how I developed this 10-step capsule creation process). Use these lessons to streamline your path to stellar ensembles:   

Diversify Your Neutrals. Remember that black isn’t your only neutral. Yes, you look great in it. But dark blues and greens also operate as dark neutrals and stand out. 

Embrace High Contrast. Mimic the high contrast in your features with high-contrast color pairings in your outfits.

Prioritize Quality. When adding new pieces, opt for high-quality materials. Investing in well-crafted items will serve you better in the long run.

Contrast True White. Use true white, but pair it with a darker color to achieve high contrast. You’ll thank me later. 

Balance Structure and Ease. Aim for a balance of structure and slouch, using tailored items as well as flowy silhouettes. I can’t be the only one who adores the effortlessly chic aura this combo offers.

These are just a sprinkling of dark winter dressing tips to keep you looking polished on the daily. Get answers to a few must-know questions below.


Deep Winter and Deep Autumn are both part of the Winter season, but they have distinct characteristics. Deep Winter features cool, dark, and high-contrast colors, while Deep Autumn leans towards warm, rich, and earthy tones. Deep Winters have a slightly brighter and cooler palette, often incorporating jewel-like hues. Deep Autumns embrace colors reminiscent of the changing autumn leaves, like warm oranges, deep browns, and olive greens.

Dark Winters look stunning with makeup that complements their cool, dark, and high-contrast features. Here are some makeup tips:

  • Opt for bold and deep lip colors like rich reds, plums, and deep burgundies.
  • Embrace intense eye makeup with shades like deep purples, cool blues, and charcoal grays.
  • Highlight your cheekbones with cool-toned shades of blush and contouring.
  • Use eyeliners and mascaras in deep black or dark charcoal to enhance your eyes.
  • Experiment with cool-toned metallic eyeshadows like silver, gunmetal, or deep navy for a touch of drama

Yes, Deep Winters can wear brown and look fantastic in it. The key? Choose the right shades. Deep Winters should opt for cool-toned or neutral browns that align with their overall cool and high-contrast palette. Think espresso brown and chocolate brown. Avoid warm, golden browns, as they won’t harmonize with the deep, cool tones of your color palette

Avoid light and warm colors that contradict your cool and dark palette. Steer clear of shades like pastel pinks, golden yellows, pale peach, and warm beige. These colors don’t harmonize with the deep, cool, and high-contrast tones that are characteristic of the Dark Winter season. Opt for bold, rich, and cool-toned hues to enhance your appearance and make a statement with your wardrobe.


Crafting a chic outfit is one thing. Looking put together all the time takes another level of planning. But I’ve made it simple with this guide to building your dream capsule wardrobe.

Explore the guide and contact me here if you have any questions. Here’s to outfits that flatter your features!

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